Cake ATM Happy Birthday Topper

Birthday Babe

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This is an amazing cake money dispenser to surprise those dear to you with the best gift of them all: CASH!

COMPLETE KIT: Our cash dispenser kit includes the special box (holds 50 US dollar bills), Happy Birthday cake topper (3.5" x 1.5" with 2" stake), roll clip, 1 plastic roll, and printed instructions. A plastic roll has 50 connected pockets that hold 1 paper bill each.
*Cake and money NOT included. Hand Wash Only.

EASY TO USE: Unlike any other cake pull out kits, our cake surprise does not require sticking together the plastic bags as the roll is already assembled. Special box can fit 50 US dollar bills. Special box may be cocoa brown or green in color.

Compact Size (4.125" x 1.75" x 1.625"): Our box is sized for large, small, or in-between cakes.

Money or cash is not included.